A Word to Christians and Pastors

A Word to Christians

“If you care about the slaughter of the innocent, then for God’s sake, speak up.”

Summary: Pastor R.C Sproul urges believers to use their voice in defense of the innocents who are threatened by abortion, sharing the words of German pastor, Martin Niemoller, who laments his condemnable silence during the Nazi reign.

This excerpt comes from R.C. Sproul’s book, Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue:

“Resistance to unjust laws and dehumanizing practices may be costly. Those who resisted Hitler’s policy of genocide in Germany often paid with their lives. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the pastor who wrote The Cost of Discipleship, was one who paid such a price. The world still recoils in horror at the reality of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Yet I believe we are in the midst of a new and more evil holocaust, which sees the destruction of 1.5 million unborn babies every year in the United States alone. This situation calls to mind the words of a German pastor imprisoned for opposing Hitler. Martin Niemoller said,

In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. They came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came fore me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

If you care about the slaughter of the innocent, then for God’s sake, speak up. Speak to your family. Speak to your neighbor. Speak to your friend. Speak to your doctor. Speak to your minister. Speak to your congressman. Let your voice be heard in a chorus of protest. Yours is only one voice, but it is a voice. Use it.”1

A Word to Pastors

Don’t be silent about the sin of abortion.

Summary: Pastor John Piper urges his fellow preachers to “put their lives and ministries on the line” as it relates to abortion – proclaiming boldly from their pulpits that abortion is immoral and unjust, even as they offer hope and blood-bought forgiveness to all the women and men in their congregation who have experienced or encouraged abortion.

In 2002, John Piper’s book, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, hit the shelves. It is a plea for pastor’s to be more consumed with Christ than they are with ministry “success”. Chapter 27 (“Brothers, Blow the Trumpet for the Unborn”) is all about abortion. The charge at the end of that chapter includes something like this: Create new pro-life ministries… Be a dreamer and an entrepreneur for justice. That charge helped birth Abort73, and so we urge pastors across the globe to hear these words:
“Many pastors surpass me in their courage and consistency. I praise God for them. I will happily honor their superior rewards in the last day. But oh, how I long to be among them. So when it comes to abortion, I try. So much more could be done. I agonize over what more I should do, and this is not the only such issue! But for fifteen awakened years I have done what I can.

I preach on the horrific sin and injustice of abortion and on the glory of the cause of life at least once a year in our church. I try to encourage the Sanctity of Human Life Task Force in our church in other ways. I call our people to dream of ways of being sacrificially involved in the pro-life efforts to make abortion unthinkable in our country. I glorify adoption and fan the flames of its spread in our church. I offer precious blood-bought forgiveness and hope to all the women and men in the congregation who have experienced or encouraged abortion. I speak and pray at pro-life gatherings outside abortion clinics and support crisis pregnancy centers with my presence and my money. In past days I have joined peaceful protests and been arrested numerous times and spent one night in jail. I have made my case for life before angry crowds, and before judges, and over lunch with an abortionist.

The point is this: I believe pastors should put their lives and ministries on the line in this issue. The cowardice of some pastors when it comes to preaching against abortion appalls me. Many treat the dismemberment of unborn humans as an untouchable issue on the par with partisan politics. Some have bought into the incredible notion that they can be personally pro-life but publicly pro-choice or noncommittal. In response to this attitude our church sponsored an ad in the Minneapolis StarTribune with these simple words: ‘I am personally pro-life, but politically pro-choice’ – Pontius Pilate.

The law of our land is immoral and unjust. That should be declared from tens of thousands of pulpits in America… ”2


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