If You’re Pregnant

If You’re Pregnant

Find the information and help you need.

Page Summary: Abort97 exists to give you the facts and information that is not provided in the abortion clinic and to help connect you with practical alternatives to abortion.

If you’re pregnant and contemplating abortion, PLEASE reconsider. There is a child in your womb that is depending on you for nourishment and protection. Even if you don’t feel ready to be a mother, you are a mother–right now. But you are not alone; help is available.

Abort97 exists to help you better understand what abortion actually does to you and your baby, and Pregnancy Care Centers around the world exist to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. To find local pregnancy assistance, go to our Crisis Pregnancy Centres page.

If you learn nothing else from this website, remember the following:

1. Every successful abortion ends the life of a living human being.

Do not be fooled. Abortion does not end a potential life, it ends a real life – violently. It is not the removal of a “blob of tissue”. It is the destruction of a tiny, human baby. The pictures and illustrations below should make that abundantly clear. Take the time to look through the timeline of prenatal development, and understand that there is overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence that life begins at conception.

The prenatal photographs shown above were taken by famed Swedish photograper Lennart Nilsson and are displayed here for educational, non-commercial purposes in accordance with the doctrine of “fair use.”


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2. Every successful abortion clinic SELLS abortions.

Just as a car dealer is in the business of selling cars, abortion clinics (like Marie Stopes clinics in South Africa, and Planned Parenthood in the U.S.) are in the business of selling abortions. That’s how they make their money. Their “counsellors” are no more neutral than car salesmen (Do car salesmen encourage you to consider riding a bike or taking the bus?). Abortion clinics will tell you whatever you need to hear to go through with an abortion. They are not interested in your well-being; they’re interested in their bottom line. Do not trust them to provide you with an accurate understanding of prenatal development or the ethical implications of abortion.

“AT A TIME IN MY LIFE WHEN I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS CRUSHING DOWN AROUND ME, and I needed something to believe, I believed you—the people of the pro-choice movement.. I believed you when you told me that it was only tissue. That it wasn’t a human yet. That it was only cells. I believed you when you said that it didn’t hurt. I believed you when you said that there is no such thing as post-abortion syndrome. I believed you when you told me that if I terminated my pregnancy, life would go back to normal… I chose abortion—because I believed you…, now having gone through two abortion experiences, I can only conclude that many of you have never made the choice that I did. If you had, wouldn’t you have told me more?”

Lindsay Sherbondy, You Care About Me, Right?: An Open Letter to Abortion Advocates, Abort73.com, 2010

3. There are Pregnancy Care Centres waiting to help you through your pregnancy.

Seek the help you need. There are Pregnancy Care Centres all over the country and in many parts of the world that exist for the sole purpose of providing you with the resources you need to carry your baby to term. To find one near you, simply visit our Crisis Pregnancy Centres page. If you’re not in position to care and provide for your child after birth, there are many loving families who are .

No matter what anyone tells you, the decision in front of you will shape the rest of your life, for better or worse. Abortion may seem like a quick fix–but the price is incalculably high. There is simply no going back–so take this opportunity to learn the facts about abortion and find the help you need to ensure a full and healthy life for you and your baby.

Content by Abort73.com. Used with permission.